Salon Colab Leadership

Education Facts


What is a Salon Colab Lab Group?

A monthly mastermind that helps teach you how to be a more successful salon owner or a more successful salon manager. We do this thorugh getting you collaborating with other salon owners and salon leaders who are sharing their experiences and best business practices. It is a safe place to learn, share, and grow through collaboration. 


Can anyone on my team join a lab group?

Salon Colabs Lab Groups are exclusively for salon managers and salon owners who are trying to build better salon cultures and grow more successful salon leadership teams. 


What are the benefits of joining a monthly Lab Group?

A Salon Colab Lab group will provide you with ideas for how to grow your salon business and your salon team. It provides you with a safe place for sharing your toughest challenges and for celebrating your successes. 


Why should I work with a lab group?

You should work with Salon Colab and join a monthly lab group if you are a salon manager who is trying to make a bigger impact on the salon you are leading. If you want to grow as a salon leader and learn how to become a better salon manager. Or if you are a salon owner who is looking for help growing their salon culture and developing other leaders in their salon. 


How is Salon Colab Different than working with a salon consultant?

Not all salon consultants have actually done the work you do running or owning a salon. While they can provide value through their experiences, they are often not as current with solutions because they are not actively owning or managing a salon.  A lab group  is a connection that places you directly with other salon owners and salon managers who are in the work too. 


What is the A-player education?

Salon Colab offers education to help grow leaders in the hair salon. We have courses for the emerging leader, which could be a stylist who you want to see showup exhibiting more leadership qualities. We have education for the salon leader who is trying to enhance their current skills and we have education for the salon owner who is looking for business practices that are specific to the workforce of today.  

What is the A-player BUSINESS education?

Salon Colab offers education and help with strategy development around recruiting and retaining staff. Our A-Player Business education is geared at these two specific topics and covers a verity of content relevant to both.


Is the work with Salon Colab confidential?

All of our work is confidential. This is a safe space to share and grow.